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How to Find a Job in Aichi

How to Find a Job in Aichi

Aichi prefecture is located near the heart of Japan. The capital is Nagoya, the fourth largest city, in Japan. Aichi has the third-largest metropolitan area consisting of other cities like Toyohashi, Okazaki and Ichinomiya. Many big companies' headquarters, such as Toyota Motor Corporation, have developed in the area. As a wide range of businesses operates in Aichi, there are many opportunities to work.

Read on the article to learn more about Aichi and job search!

Search for a job in Aichi

In Aichi, main cities, such as Nagoya, Okazaki, Ichinomiya and Toyohashi, positively recruit talent. The areas have many more business quarters, schools and universities than others. Aichi has numerous sightseeing spots because the famous Shoguns, Ieyasu Tokugawa and Nobunaga Oda lived there, so that many hotels, excellent restaurants, cafes and bars have developed. On top of that, the population has proliferated recently, which attracts established companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Search for a part-time job in Aichi

Amongst part-time jobs, a kitchen assistant is in high demand. The second is restaurant staff and the third is shop assistants for fashion retailers, followed by warehouse staff. All in all, the service industry tends to recruit part-time staff. The average hourly rate is 1,161 yen, which is the highest amongst the Tokai region. As there are many schools and universities, you will find teaching positions as well. Many employers welcome beginners and students.

Find the best part-time job with job search websites!

Quick Jobs Japan (https://quickjobsjapan.com/)

Quick Jobs Japan is one of the best job boards. With the useful functions, it allows you to filter through over 3,000 job postings. You can easily filter by job category, location and Japanese level. It also provides useful career guides, such as "how to find a job" or "how to accept a job offer." If you want to make finding a job as straightforward as possible, this is the best job search site.

Indeed (https://jp.indeed.com/)

Indeed is the most popular job boards with comprehensive search functions. You can set up job alerts. To search for a job, first, put keywords, company's name or location in the screen. Next, the related posts come up. There are several categories to filter, such as income, location, a full-time job, a part-time job.

Hello Work (https://www.tokyo-icc.jp/guide_eng/gov/03.html)

Each prefecture has multiple Hello Work offices. They welcome foreign job seekers with appropriate work visas. Many offices provide service in English and Chinese, and some offices offer other languages as well.

Nagoya Employment Service Centre for Foreigners is specialised for supporting foreigners. The support including consultation, interview training and review of CVs are free of charge. An extensive database of job offers is available via intranet and over the Internet.

Search for a full-time job in Aichi

Different websites have different features. Some job boards focus on full-time jobs. We have selected three of the best job search websites to find a full-time job.

Rikunabi NEXT (https://next.rikunabi.com/)

Rikunabi Next focuses on mid-career recruitment and is the largest website for full-time job seekers. With the massive job options ranging from administrative work to engineering, 80% of successful career changers used the job site in the past. The numerous useful features, such as search by a job, location, salary, attract many job seekers every day.

Mynabi Tenshoku (https://tenshoku.mynavi.jp/)

Mynabi Tenshoku, the second-largest job search website, is primarily used by 20s and 30s job seekers. The site updates the job information on Tuesdays and Fridays. Their support is second to none. The entire job process can be completed on the website, such as applying for a job or exchanging messages with potential employers.

En Tenshoku (https://employment.en-japan.com/)

En Tenshoku provides comprehensive career-change support services. The website allows job seekers to search for jobs by job type, location, income and job satisfaction. It also offers the opportunity to share their experience with particular companies or jobs.

Popualar arubatio/part time jobs in Aichi

With many big cities, you will find various type of part-time jobs. Especially, Naka-Ku and Nakamura-Ku in Nagoya city have many bustling streets. Also, the outside and the inside of Nagoya station, Toyohashi station, Owari Ichinomiya station has many job opportunities. Cleaners, bed makers, kitchen assistants, café and restaurants' staff, are always on high demand.

Let's find their duties below!

Cleaners and bed-makers

Cleaners' responsibilities include cleaning rooms, refilling supplies like toilet paper, ordering new cleaning supplies, getting rid of litter, and removing stains. This position is relatively straightforward as most employers usually do not require candidates to have any experience. If you are physically strong enough to carry heavy machines and enjoy cleaning tasks, why not try it?

Bed makers' duties include making beds, replenishing linen, cleaning rooms and corridors, sweeping and mopping floors, dusting furniture, and restocking beverages in a mini-bar.

Cleaners and bed makers work at hotels, commercial buildings and private residences.

Kitchen assistants, waiters and waitresses

Kitchen assistants work with chefs and kitchen supervisors. They help keep the kitchen operation smooth by performing all tasks necessary. For example, washing, peeling and cutting ingredients, sanitising food preparation areas, cleaning kitchen floors, washing and storing kitchen appliances, and helping unloading delivered food.

Waiters and waitresses work at the outside of a kitchen. The duties include greeting customers on arrival, preparing dining tables, taking orders, delivering food to customers, issuing bills and collecting payment. Many cafés and restaurants think that the quality of service is essential to bring customers in the door, so they appreciate your soft skill, such as communication and attentiveness. Even if you have no experience, it is worth applying for it if you like the vibe and customer service.

Last Remarks

There are many ways of searching for a job. We recommend that you check several job boards every day. Some jobs close their recruitments soon after they find the right person. Speed is also essential to get the right job.