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How To Find A Job in Japan

How To Find A Job in Japan

Are you interested in the beautiful and delicious Sushi, or the gorgeous Kimono, or the interesting and moving animations of Japan? If the answer is yes, you may be dreaming of going to Japan and experiencing its rich culture with your own eyes.

No matter a short-term or long-term stay is considered, you had better not just rely on your savings as Japan is quite high-cost at such as food, accommodation, transportation and so on.Absolutely no one will be glad to see his bank saving reduce day by day.All you need to do to resolve this is to find a job in Japan.

It may be not that daunting as you think for finding a job in Japan as a foreigner because of its severe shortage of labor force in the domestic. Nonetheless you need to know the right way for seeking. This article is going to introduce how to find a part-time/full-time/dispatch job in Japan.

How to find a job in Japan

Finding a job in Japan basically has the same steps as in other countries. Firstly check job vacancies, then submit resume documents to the recruiter you want to apply for, then get an interview invitation, and you can get a job if you passed the interview or some other tests from the recruiter.

But note that there exist a lot of conventional rules in the Japanese business world,from making a resume to receiving an interview.You had better check these rules before starting seeking one.Before above, as working in Japan, that is to say living in Japan as a foreigner, the very first thing you need to think about is to apply for a visa. If you already own a visa, things will be simple just as above, while if you don't have one yet, you need to find a job that the employer can help you to apply for one(a sponsor).

There are several visa issued by the Japanese government. They have different limitations on whether you are allowed to work, where you can work, or whether you are allowed to do a second job in Japan.

Finding a part-time job in Japan

A part-time job should be based on the premise that you already have a visa and a residency in Japan. You can work a few hours one day and usually you will be paid by hourly. Normally there are less rules for seeking a part-time job as that you may get interviewed just at a restaurant's table.

There are various kinds of part-time jobs ranging from entry-level to mid-career, from no Japanese language required to business Japanese needed.The most common part-time jobs for foreigners in Japan may be working in the service industry for example a staff in convenience stores, but also many others such as a language teacher, packing and sorting in a factory, smartphone salesman and so on. Nowadays there are a number of effective job search websites you may find really helpful for finding a job in Japan.

Quick Jobs Japan

A great website specialized for foreigners finding a job in Japan with more than 10000 job listings and over 300 companies. You can easily search for jobs by industry like eating and drinking,customer services, factory, care, education, construction, delivery, survey and so on. "Quick Jobs Japan" also provide useful information about Japanese business rules, resume tips, interview skills and so on.


A common website for foreigners to travel, work, live in Japan. There are a wide range of part-time jobs posted on the website. And most of them require English skills. Besides that you can also get information about studying or living in Japan.


The largest job search websites for multilinguals to change a job. Although maybe all of the job posted require applicants to speak both Japanese and English, there are various jobs from IT to accounting or hospitality.

Jobs in Japan

It features a wide range of engineering jobs in the IT industry from web application developers to data scientists, and users can search for jobs by the availability of work visa sponsorship if you still have no visa.

Yolo japan

In addition to regular postings of part time jobs,a variety of unusual jobs are also advertised, like working as a market researcher, checking website performance, judging restaurants as a customer, and many other types of part-time work.

Finding a full-time job in Japan

For hunting for a full-time job in Japan,you are supposed to follow the business rules as best as you can. Extensive job vacancies are posted on the newspaper or job search websites, or the Hello Work(a free employment service center operated by Japanese government) offices. Or registering a headhunting company and getting a full recruitment support like career counseling, job recommendation, resume preparation and so on.

However, the most effective means to find a full-time job in Japan may be the personal connections. Don't be bothered to contact everyone you know in Japan for if there is any job vacancy.If there is a vacancy and you are able to get recommended by your friend, you may be highly possible to take this job.

Try to be friends with more people in your field by taking part in events or lessons or chatting groups. The power of personal connection should never be overlooked especially in Japan.

Finding a dispatch work in Japan

Dispatch work is a work that you make a contract with a dispatch agency other than the company where you are going to work at. You will receive tasks from the company working at,but the salary will be paid by the dispatch agency directly and the same for all payroll and insurance procedures.

Working as a dispatcher,you will be free to choose the content,location or hours of work, while you may be faced of changing job in an average 2 years.To find a dispatch work,it is necessary to register a dispatch agency first. You will get introduced to work at other companies and there may be an interview before the offer. When the work at the company actually starts, you will establish an employment relationship with your dispatch agency and the employment relationship ends when the work ends. If you continue to work at the same company, or another company, you will establish a new employment relationship.


You see, it is quite easy to find a job in Japan if you follow the steps.You are able to get money from a job,and improve your Japanese language skills at the same time, which will make you more attractive for future employment both in Japan or your own country.

However, as a foreigner, keep in mind that get away from illegal jobs and make sure that your visa status is allowed to take part in a certain job by law. If you don't know whether a job legal or not, try to talk with the embassy or the counseling window of a Japanese city hall. Appreciating the safe and clean city, rich culture and art of Japan by starting with finding a job!