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How to find jobs in Osaka

How to find jobs in Osaka

Since the Edo Period, Osaka has developed a variety of trades, which highly contributes to Japan's economy. Osaka is now the second-largest commercial area following Tokyo. With many small and medium-sized businesses, it attracts foreign talent and professionals. With mild weather and a convenient location, Osaka is a fantastic place to live and work. Find out the benefits of working in Osaka and how to find a job.

Benefits of working in Osaka

Besides business, Osaka is also a popular destination for gourmets and culture vultures. With an abundance of restaurants, shops and entertainment facilities, people enjoy a work-life balance in Osaka. The cost of living is relatively cheap, and the average salary is higher than other cosmopolitans. With a mild climate and little rainfall, public transportation is rarely affected by bad weathers. Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe, the centre of Japanese tourism, are close to the Osaka. Taking a day trip is easy. While working, you can enjoy both unique and modern Japanese lifestyle, and beautiful traditional culture.

Work in Osaka

Finding a job in Osaka could be hard for those with very little knowledge of Japan and its language. Here, you will learn how to find a job in Osaka.

Full-time workers

In Osaka, full-time worker's average salary is 200,000-300,000 yen. However, it differs from industry to industry.

Ricunabi Next

Ricunabi Next which is specialized in mid-career recruitment is the largest website for job seekers. Over 40,000 applications go through the website. There is a vast quantity of job options, ranging from administrative work to engineering. 80% of successful career changers used this website, and it has many handy features, such as search by a job, location, salary, and so on.


Mynavi is the second largest website and mainly attracts people who are in their 20s and 30s. Mynavi updates its job information every Tuesday and Friday. Their supports and job events are very popular amongst members. The website also helps an entire application process, including exchanging message with potential employers.

Part-time workers

The average hourly rate is 800 yen -1,000 yen.

Quick Jobs Japan

With a simple and straightforward display, this job site has eight jobs categories from customer service to education, to logistics. When you visit the homepage, you will immediately find job titles, addresses and hourly rates. Click through to see the details and apply for it from the website. It works for speedy


Hellowork has an extensive job database which job seekers can access via an in-house intranet service and over the Internet. Not only that, many regional offices are all over Japan, among which more than ten Hellowork offices are present in Osaka. Feel free to visit and consult with staff. They will help with your job application and provide training if necessary.

Contract staff

The average hourly rate is 1,000 yen-1,500yen.

Quick Jobs Japan

Quick Jobs Japan hosts over 3,000 jobs. All the information you need is easily found, such as an address, salary, working hours, working period, workplace, job descriptions and qualifications, so that it helps to shorten time for job search.


Fullcast has over 2,4 million members. It specializes in a short-term contract, including three hours working, ranging from drivers to shop staff, to customer service, to office workers. You need to complete your registration before using the site.


The rate considerably varies depending on employers or a job type.


Crowdworks is the largest crowdsourcing service in Japan, which connects over 3 million users with over 200 job categories, including translation, writing, web design and programming. To apply for a job, you need to complete your data profile, choose a project, and submit a tender to a potential employer. Every process is done online.


Lancers is a large job site for freelancers. It hosts 40 job categories, from system development to consultation. Big companies tend to use this website to fill in the positions. Once you have joined the talent database on the site, you are allowed to choose a project and submit a tender. After going through a vetting process, you will get a job. A variety of projects are posted every day.

Best highly paid jobs in Osaka

English teacher at language schools

If you are fluent in English and interested in teaching adults and children, consider this job. The main responsibilities are to plan, prepare and deliver lessons to a variety of classes, provide feedback, get involved in social and cultural activities, and participate in marketing events for the schools. Working hours vary between employers. Evening and weekend work may be required. The average hourly rate is 2,500 yen.


A translator is suitable for those who are excellent in two languages. If you are an expert in a particular industry, such as medicine or machinery, it will be an advantage. Nowadays, English and Chinese are in high demand. However, alongside globalization, other languages are getting popular. The 2020 Olympics are also just around the corner. Translators work in offices, event venues, airports, stations, hotels or hospitals. The average hourly rate is 1,500 yen.

Tour guide

Osaka is a hub of public transportation with two large airports and Kansai Shinkansen station. As tourism is booming, the tour guide is a sought-after job. More visitors would converge into Osaka during the 2020 Olympics and the 2025 world exhibition. Tour guides' primary duty is to make trips with tourists to show and explain various sightseeing spots.Employers often provide on-the-job-training to equip new recruits with the necessary skills. The average hourly rate is 1,500 yen.


Salons and spas have been increasingly popular amongst females. Estheticians provide skin, body and hair removal treatments, make-up lessons, and based on consultation with clients, they administer appropriate treatment, advise how to treat skin, and sell and promote skincare products. If you are highly customer-service oriented and keen on learning new skills, it could be your choice. The average hourly rate is 1,300 yen.


A nannies' primary duty is taking care of children at an employer's house. The working hours and tasks differ from household to household. It sometimes includes housework duties. If you like children and have a child-care-related-license, consider working as a nanny. Employers sometimes require shopping, so that a driving license and a safe driving record will give you an edge. The average hourly rate is 1,300 yen.

Personal Trainer

Japanese are keen on keeping fit. Many sports clubs, gyms, personal training studios are out there. If you are passionate about fitness and confident in becoming a role model for clients, it could be the one you should apply for. Personal trainers' primary duty is to help people to achieve their exercise goals. Trainers usually tailor individual training program to fit clients' particular targets, advise them of a suitable fitness method, instruct how to use the fitness machines, and motivate them to achieve the goals. The average hourly rate is 1,000 yen.

Last remarks

Are you ready for working in Osaka? If so, keep an eye on the job sites.Shortly after you find an advertisement, take action promptly before others apply for it as the market is highly competitive. Good Luck and enjoy working in Osaka!