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8 Well-Paying Online Jobs in Japan

8 Well-Paying Online Jobs in Japan

If you are a student, don't you want to earn some extra money to pay your way through school or to have some fun while focusing on your studies? If you are a mom, you may have thought about making use of the quiet time during your childcare day to get some money.

If you are doing a 9-to-5 office job, you may also want to get a second income after work. Most of us may be interested in making some side cash, however we don't like the additional commute, especially for those who have experienced the rush hour in metropolitan areas like Tokyo.Is there any home based job while with good money?

Yes, online jobs must be the answer. Nowadays everyone can access the Internet easily just by tapping a smartphone,online jobs has become far more popular than you may think. Students, teens, moms, dads, regular people, everyone can land an online job easily.

How to search an online job in Japan?

As the context shows that usually we go online to find an online job. If there is already a target website or business, you can visit their homepages to collect job information. This may lead to a direct job from employers without any middleman fee,while it may also take much more time to obtain a job.

There are also many websites, applications and platforms specialized in matching companies who want to hire home based workers and people who want to search home based work. The Crowdsourcing is one of the most popular websites in Japan. Dozens of jobs are posted on Crowdsourcing everyday by employers, both one-time and long-term tasks. Sign in the website, register your resume and work experiences, then you can apply for a task or be scouted by an employer.

Tasks with great money are crazy competitive. More and more tasks you succeeded, easier for you to get a job and more to be paid. One thing to note is that Crowdsourcing charges 10% of your commission per task.

8 well-paying online jobs in Japan

There are various types of online jobs in Japan, while the following 8 are with my high recommendation,considering their good salary, high demands and easiness to master.


If you are someone who likes writing and offering useful information to others, blogger may be a good fit for you.Choose a niche for your blog, open a new blog in a platform(there are some tools for this) , write a blog post, start promoting your blog post on social media network and attract followers.The more followers your blog have,bigger possibility to monetize your blog.After the blog runs on the track,all you need to do is to stick with the niche and update posting.There are several ways to monetize a blog, while I really want to introduce the following two to you.

Earn with blog affiliate (Result Type)

Put an advertisement on your blog and earn a commission for each achievement, for example for any products that sold via your blog. At least 6-18 months it may take for a blog to start making money, as it may be quite difficult to rank on page 1 of search engines in the beginning. However, with the understanding of how to run a blog gets deeper, it may turn into a hands-off income.

Earn with Google Adsense

Post a Google banner ad on your blog and earning 30 to 40 yen for each click. It may also take a few months to start making money, as you need time to learn web marketing knowledge like SEO.

Questionnaire Monitor

Fill out questionnaires on the Internet. You can take on as much or as little questionnaire work as needed depending on your schedule at home. They have no requirement in skills and everyone can begin easily. Most of these tasks have a not so good salary, but there are also questionnaires with 500 yen or more per task.Some tasks like product testing may have a pay of 5000 yen to 10000 yen or more, though the competition is quite fierce for these tasks.

YouTube channel creator

Post videos on Youtube and earn advertising fees. You may get 0.1 yen on average for every view of your contents.If showing up on the Internet bothers you, there are many other videos that you have no need to shoot your face. For example, funny videos of pets, lecture videos of what you well versed in, live videos of popular computer or smartphone games,videos of funny TV program scenes, or videos of trend stories and current affairs news. Surely the more views your videos get, the more money you earn.

Data entry online jobs

Input data into excel files or other computer files. Though this job tends to pay less, you can still make a good income if you have a fast typing. Many people prefer it as it is simple that anyone can start easily and do at any spare time.


Translate documents or video scripts from one language to another language. There are plenty of translation tasks posted on Crowdsourcing between Japanese, English, Chinese. Though the translation between Japanese and English/Chinese tends to pay less,the salary is quite good for minor language.


Transcribe audio files into text documents for clients.If you are good at typing while listening, you can earn much more in less time.

Amazon/Mercari/eBay seller(Domestic resale)

No matter a seller on Amazon, or Mercari, or eBay, the concept is simple that you find discounted physical products at your local bookstores or recycle shops and sell them at a profit on the Internet. A lot of work it may take, but it is still one of the profitable online jobs.

Online asset management and investment

Increase your asset value by investments so that your money won't get loss and bring you a side income instead.

Features of online jobs'salaries

It turns out that online jobs requiring skills earn more than those without skills, for example, a translator usually get a better pay than a questionnaire monitor. For the same job, the more experienced you are, the more money you may get paid. For example, someone working for data entry will get faster and faster in typing and earn more and more money per hour.For a blogger, as the followers increased, the blog may turn into a business which brings unbelievable profit.

Watch out for illegal online jobs

There may be a few illegal jobs among extensive online jobs. As a foreigner in Japan, always keep in mind to get away from illegal jobs and don't violate laws. Try to search for jobs through common websites or tools, and never believe in extreme high-paid jobs. When in doubt, talk with your friends or polices.