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Doing short term part time jobs in Japan

Doing short term part time jobs in Japan

How to search for temporary part time jobs

For those of you seeking for a little more allowance or desperately wanting to kill time in your free time, the best thing you can simply do is to search for a temporary part time job and go for it. Don't know how look for it ? Here are some great websites that can surely help you out. Many of them are written in English which might make it easier for some of you who aren't that confident in Japanese. If you already feel like as if you were a Japanese, why not take a look at websites that locals would might check out.

  1. Gaijin Pot https://jobs.gaijinpot.com/
  2. Quick Jobs https://quickjobsjapan.com/jobs
  3. Baitoru(For advanced Japanese speakers)https://www.baitoru.com

Or how about trying the classic way, by making friends from your own country and asking them what kind of jobs are recommended. If you don't know how to make friends around here, try to look for restaurants that serves your country's cuisine where the owner is most likely to be someone who's from your country. Not only you can feel like your home while living in Japan, but there might be a chance of getting some job information that you would never find online.

Top 5 simple and easy temporary part time jobs that welcome foreigners to work from a day

Event Staff

If you have ever been to a concert, you must have given your ticket to a staff at the entrance at least once before you can get into the venue. Usually, A huge number of people would attend to a concert or an event, and there are as many people necessary to manage the whole gig. Event staff has a wide range of roles to get ready for the show such as building stages, setting chairs, taking tickets and guiding. You are only asked to work for a day and some can be night shifts.

Sorting at Warehouses/Factories

Sorters are responsible for inspecting, packing and labeling during the process of production at warehouses and factories. The tasks tend to be simple and repetitive, so you wouldn't have to worry that much with your Japanese skills to obtain this work. Some factories may be located a little bit far from the city center, so make sure to check whether they offer your transportation fee or pick up service from the nearest stations.

Food Production Worker

Being similar to the sorters mentioned above, food production workers would prepare meals by placing cooked food into containers on assembly lines. As the meals tend to be made and distributed before lunch time, they have great job offers for those of you who are early birds. Since you will be handling food, it is more than likely that the factories have strict hygiene management that you must follow. Maybe you might be asked to hand in your stool test once in a while.


The main duties of a mover are loading and unloading client's furnitures and boxes to help them move out from the previous location to a new place. You must be healthy and have enough strength to handle them. Looking on the bright side, you can work and get some exercise at the same time, however it can be such a tiring job but still brings you extra 500yen to 600 yen per hour compared to other jobs, yet most likely recommend for men. As you will be following your bosses instructions of where to move and relocate items, it is better to at least understand a little of Japanese before you apply for the job.

Live-in resort jobs

The best thing of live-in resort jobs is that there's no need to pay living expenses while living in Japan. They would offer you 3meals a day and a place to live during the period of time of your work. Also there is a variety of jobs such as customer services, reception, restaurant staff, housekeeper, dishwasher, kitchen and etc so that you can choose from depending on your language abilities. Most live-in jobs are located out of town, however you can always use your skills and work at hotels in the city after a while.

What you should be careful when applying for short term part time jobs

Some visa status does not allow you to take part in any kind of activity of paid labor. Of course if you're on visitor visa, there's no way you could get even a part time job in Japan. For those who are here to study, there must be a permission given to you. Even still with the permission your labor hours are to be restricted. Any engagement in part time jobs without holding a permission can lead to deportation, therefore do not risk yourself getting a part time job here in Japan without a valid visa status.

Pros and Cons doing short term jobs

The jobs mentioned above tend to be simple tasks that anyone can do. No skills are required and there's always a high demand of workforce, so that in case of a financial emergency situation, you can start working immediately as soon as you finish registering for it. On the other hand, there are disadvantages in terms of building up relationships with your co-workers, since these jobs only requires you to work for a short period of time.Also, if you're seeking of obtaining new skills throughout your part time jobs, that might be difficult due to the task being to too easy that can't be even considered as a job.


If you are thinking of working short term part time job, it is important to search and choose the best work style that suits you. Only think of it as a way to bring you extra money instead of to trying to make a living from it, and my advise to you is to keep it to a limit that doesn't eat up your whole precious time in Japan.