Waiter/Waitress at Famous Yakiniku Restaurant

有限会社京城 焼肉京城北千住店
Now Closed
¥1600 / per hour
"Yakiniku Keijo Kitasenju store" 2-62 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Application Prerequisites
Japanese Proficiency
Minimum Communication Level (N5 equivalent) or higher
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
Permanent Resident, Student, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, Dependent, Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals, Long-term Resident, Designated Activities


¥1,120 ¥1,600 per hour

Working hours

05:00 PM - 00:00 AMAt least 3 hours per day, 1 day per week The working hour is negotiable. ※Over 18 years old after 10:00 PMShift system

Period of work

Long Term

Place of work

"Yakiniku Keijo Kitasenju store" 2-62 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Commutation expenses

Partial payment
※Up to 10000 yen/month

Job description

Waiter/Waitress at the famous Yakiniku restaurant ・General service work Preparing for opening and closing, taking orders from customers, simple drink making, and delivering dishes, etc. This restaurant is very popular and draws media attention as an authentic Yakiniku restaurant providing wagyu like Matsusaka beef and Omi beef. There are many regular customers and you can work energetic in the lively place! Also our kind senior staff will help you learn from scratch! Most of our staff began working without experience. There are also delicious staff meals and both of your purse and tummy will be satisfied!   ※The training period is a month and 1100 yen per hour. We will consider the hourly wage depending on your ability and experience.


We welcome people below ・Those who like to interact with people ・Those who can keep in mind bright customer service ・Those who love to eat ・Those who like to make people happy ・Inexperienced people ・Part-timers ・Housewives(husbands) ・Foreign nationals who can have a conversation in Japanese Employee Benefit ・Salary increases ・Perfect attendance allowance ・Bonus ・Uniform lending ・Staff meal ・Transportation reimbursed up to 10,000 yen/month