Cooking assistance staff at Kansai Classic Golf Club in Miki-shi, Hyogo

Now Closed
¥1000 / per hour
567 Yudani, Yokawa-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Application Prerequisites
Japanese Proficiency
Minimum Communication Level (N5 equivalent) or higher
Tokyo, Yamanashi, Miyagi, Wakayama, Tokushima, Hokkaido, Nara, Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki, Fukushima, Tochigi, Aomori, Ishikawa, Ibaraki, Gunma, Mie, Shiga, Tottori, Saga, Kochi, Saitama, Miyazaki, Kyoto, Kagawa, Yamagata, Kanagawa, Hyogo, Chiba, Oita, Okayama, Aichi, Fukui, Osaka, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Yamaguchi, Shimane, Akita, Iwate, Nagano, Kagoshima, Gifu, Ehime, Shizuoka, Toyama, Niigata
Long-term Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, Permanent Resident, Student


¥1,000 per hour

Working hours

07:00 AM - 01:00 PM◎We provide the breakfast within this span of time. If you want to work within the other timeframe, please let us know. ◎Monthly shift system ◎At least 3 h per day, 1 day per week ◎Working times vary depending on the busy season (Income is stable due to paid holidays)Shift system

Period of work

Long Term

Place of work

567 Yudani, Yokawa-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo

Commutation expenses

Partial payment
※The cost of gasoline is paid for your travel expenses. (the gasoline unit at the beginning of the month × travel distances)

Job description

Why don't you have a part-time job at a superb view location in the refreshing morning ♪ This is the golf course which is famous as a location of local golf TV program in Kansai area. We serve breakfast for users of the golf course at the restaurant in the club house. You will help to cook in the kitchen. Customer come at the fixed time, so we have time to spare. ★You can commute by your cars! There are stuff who come from Kita-ku in Kobe, Mita-city, Ono city. You can start working from at least 1 day per week, only weekends, or only weekdays. Please consult about working time. The gasoline cost will be paid. You can earn with paid holiday system even if the golf is canceled because of bad weather. ★You can pre-visit the work site anytime. Feel free to come and see ♪


People without experience of cooking and part-time jobs are welcome. Students, Part-timers, Housewives(husbands), Side workers, International students, Seniors, etc. Widely welcome!