Floor & Front desk staff at bowling alley in Tachikawa

株式会社イースタンスポーツ 立川スターレーン
Now Closed
¥1020 / per hour
6-2-20 Nishiki-cho, tachikawa-shi, Tokyo
Cleaning / Bed making
Application Prerequisites
Japanese Proficiency
Minimum Communication Level (N5 equivalent) or higher
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services, Designated Activities, Long-term Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals, Highly Skilled Professional, Dependent, Student, Permanent Resident, Technical Intern Training


¥1,020 per hour

Working hours

09:00 AM - 00:00 AMAt least 4h per day, 2days per weekShift system

Period of work

Long Term

Place of work

6-2-20 Nishiki-cho, tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

Commutation expenses

No payment
commute by car, motorcycle ok

Job description

Floor staff & Front desk staff at bowling alley including customer service, answering the phone, supporting events, etc. Uniforms will be lent. We have customers with a wide range of age groups, from small children to the elderly. Therefore, you can acquire customer service skills through communication with many customers. You will begin with simple works, so don't worry if you have never experienced part-time job. We especially welcome those who can work at long-term, who can work on weekends, or who want to work after school. Good point! Staff can play bowling at a staff discount. (110 yen for per game) ※The hourly wage is +25% after 10:00pm


Age and experience are unimportant. We welcome widely including students, housewives, foreigners, part-timers, etc.