Cleaning job in Tokyo

Now Closed
¥14000 / per day
Tokyo head office 6-10-15 Minamidaira, Hino-shi, Tokyo
Cleaning / Bed making
Application Prerequisites
Japanese Proficiency
Minimum Communication Level (N5 equivalent) or higher
Tokyo, Kanagawa
Dependent, Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals, Permanent Resident, Designated Activities, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, Long-term Resident


¥10,000 ¥14,000 per day

Working hours

08:00 AM - 05:00 PMAt least 6h per day Welcome those who can work more than 5 days per week ★Break time/10: 00-10:30am, 12:00-1:00pm, 3:00-3:30pmShift system

Period of work

Long Term

Place of work

Tokyo head office 6-10-15 Minamidaira, Hino-shi, Tokyo

Job description

Cleaning job at apartments, office buildings, and hospitals. Tidying up and cleaning job at new construction/renovation site. Working site: near stations in Tokyo It is a simple work and easy for beginners and women, too. We will give a lesson about cleaning job, so you can acquire skills. We have a wide range of ages staff and you can be a part of us soon. ★3 good points★ No.1 There is a payment for celebrating you joining our company ◆It can make your motivation for work. No.2 You can go straight to the work site and right back home after work ◆You don't have to go to the office. No.3 Stable&Long-term work ◆You can earn a lot in long-term. Employee benefits ★Salary raise ★Uniforms&Work tools lending ★Social insurance ★30000 yen for celebrating your joining ★Treat favorably those who have experiences in construction and cleaning★


Welcome both of men and women Ages and educational backgrounds are unimportant Beginners or those who haven't done this job in a while ok Healthy and those who have no physical problems Treat favorably experienced people