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20 Well-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Japan

20 Well-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Japan

Are you considering finding a part-time job in Japan? As you may have known that there is a minimum wage set in Japan by hourly rates, and each prefecture has a different value.The minimum hourly wage for Tokyo prefecture at 2018 is 958 yen. Of course there are many jobs getting paid more than the minimum or having an average wage but with a good welfare .This article will introduce 20 part-time jobs that pay well to you with duties of them.

Hotel front desk staff

To help customers check-in and check-out of the hotel and input data to the computer,and guiding asists.To serve customers' needs and provide excellent customer service experience.

Uber Eats Delivery Partner

To deliver the ordered food from the restaurant to the customers.You are able to choose the time you want to work.The wage is paid by distance but not hours and higher for rush hour or bad weather day.

Resort part-time job

To work at hotels, restaurants, skiing areas, amusement parks of resorts in tourist spots like Hokkaido, Okinawa and so on.Usually dormitory and meals are provided for free.You can have fun at these tourist spots with your friends during spring or summer holiday,and earn money at the same time.

Part-time jobs at a convenience store

Mainly three parts contents: Cash counter service like operating the cash register, bagging goods, warming food, handling utility bills, issuing tickets; Ordering and product display planning like finding ways to attract customers, predicting demand based on weather and seasonal events, and ordering products accordingly; Cleaning places of the store like counters, shelves, floors, restrooms, windows, trash cans, parking areas.However the amount of work differs a lot according to stores.

Customer service in restaurants like Izakaya or bar

To guide customers to tables, receive orders from them and notify to the kitchen,serve dishes to the table and respond to customers' needs and see off customers.

English conversation class teacher

To teach students English in small groups or one-to-one.To prepare for classes and make plans for the lesson. You need to make sure that English level of students is exactly improved.There is no overtime work normally.A native level English proficiency is needed.

Part time Starbucks job

To make drinks for customers or work at the cash register or do cleanings at the store. There are trainings for beginners, good welfare and paid holidays.

Customer service in hotel

To welcome customers and guide them to the rooms when they come in,and see off when they leave the hotel.To provide information to customers what they want to know.Some of the hotels will provide free dormitory with a little lower wage.

Packing and sorting

To pack products at logistics companies or factories.The products you need to pack may be books or fresh produce like vegetables or meat.To deliver these packages to corresponding stores.

Part time McDonalds job

To receive orders from customers and input to computer systems. To prepare food and be responsible for cash register.Also you need to keep the restaurant clean. Almost all the work will be done in cooperation with co-workers and you will communicate with customers a lot.

Security guard

The security guard for a building or a shopping mall needs to open the gate early in the morning to make sure everyone can get in, and close the gate in the evening after everyone gets off work with checking each room first.The other time of your shift, you need to wait in the staff room and take the incoming phone if any.

Part time bookstore Job

To provide customer service at the cash register, and pack books and process book returns. It is okay to take part in your own things like reading if there are no customers.

Questionnaire monitor

To answer the questionnaire on the internet and receive money. You can do it at any idle time at your smartphone or computer. There are also questionnaire monitor chance for new products like food at shopping malls, which will have a quite high wage while an easy work. Though the chances are less.

Event staff

To work at a concert or an exhibition event as a safety guard,or guidance or ticket selling or ticket check and so on. Some events will be very busy while some will be not. Usually an event staff will help an event for a whole day basis. If you choose to work at events that you are interested in, like live concert of your favorite singer, you can enjoy the concert for free and get money meanwhile.

Agriculture jobs

To help farmers do the agriculture work in the busy season like transplanting seedlings and harvesting wheat. Usually these kind of work is on summer vacation. If you go to Hokkaido for an agriculture jobs, you can enjoy Hokkaido out of your work hours.

Part time Moving job

To pack luggage from one place, load luggage to a truck,unload to another new place and unpack the luggage. You need to work according to steps and rules of the moving companies to avoid damaging anything of the customer.

Cleaning staff

A cleaning staff of a building or an event field is needed to keep the responsible zone clean all the time, including sweeping, mopping, and throwing trash.

Mobile phone sales and Electronics retail job

A salesperson at home appliance mass sales stores is required to introduce and attract customers to buy smartphones.And help the customer using the smartphone after sold.

Grocery stocker job

To check the product inventory,organize products in the department,restock and answer any questions from customers.

Tissue distribution Specialist Job

To distribute tissues with advertisements printed on the package to people passing by.


The wage for these jobs introduced above differs from situation to situation, but basically they are easy to find and can be well-paying or good welfare.Try to find one considering how long you can work and where you would like to work and find out the most well-paying part-time job for yourself in Japan.