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Bed Making And Cleaning Jobs in Japan

Bed Making And Cleaning Jobs in Japan

If you would like to find a job in Japan but have no confidence in your Japanese language level, a bed making and cleaning job at hotels should be a perfect choice for you. It has a great and growing demand for foreign workforces by thousands of hotels all over Japan out of Japan's severe labor force shortage, and it is easy to start with even for first time workers, also it has no requirements with language level. See, it is a job just for you.

Moreover, its work location is mainly near prosperous station in urban cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, or tourist cities like Hokkaido so that you can also have fun off your shift, and you won't be exposed to the weather as it is an indoor work. You can choose the shift freely according to your schedule, what's more the money is good. All these advantages make bed making and cleaning job very popular among expats in Japan.

Bed making and cleaning job description

Work content

Specifically, bed making is the work to strip and re-make bed with fresh bed linen, which is one task of cleaning job. The typical procedures of bed making include removing bedspreads, blankets, pillow cases, sheets, and then remaking bed with fresh linen.

Besides bed making, cleaning includes work to open the window and turn the ventilation fan to ventilate the room, collect garbage and separate, vacuum and clean the room, clean the bathroom and toilet, set bathroom towels, replenish amenity goods, wash cups and pots and place all other equipment in place.

You will work with a group of 4 or 5 staff members and be taught of cleaning steps if you have no experience. As hotels in Japan are not that large and mostly customers stay with good manners, cleaning work won't be so hard and the process may be just like your daily cleaning at home.


You can choose to work full-time or part-time for a bed making and cleaning job at hotels. Basic working hours are from 10:00 to 15:00 with 30 minutes break, while some hotels may start from 9:00 and end at 14:30. It will be greatly welcomed if you can work on Saturday or Sunday. If you work full-timely, you may have 6 days off per month and additional off days every half or one year. In the case of part-time working, you may work 3 times a week and 3 hours a day which can be negotiable.


-No Japanese language level required

This job has little requirements on one's working experience, or Japanese language level, while of course a previous experience or a JLPT N4 level or upper language level will be a plus. You will be okay even if it's your first time working or you can speak no Japanese or just some words.

-Visa with work permit

However this job has only one requirement on your visa that you must own a visa allowed to work paid in Japan, which means that you should be a Permanent Resident, Long-term Resident, or Spouse of Japanese National, or Working Holiday, or a Student or Dependent with work permission.


The salary differs depending on work location and hotels. It is common sense that urban areas get a higher average wage than rural areas, for example the minimum wage of Tokyo in 2019 is 1013 yen, while the number is 964 yen for Osaka prefecture, 909 yen for Kyoto, and 860 yen for Hokkaido. Usually a newly part-time worker at convenience stores will be paid just the same as the minimum wage. Good news is that bed making jobs earn more than working at SevenEleven. If the employer is a normal hotel in Tokyo, you may be paid 1100 yen per hour, or over 1200 yen in the case of a luxury hotel.

Besides the wage, transportation expenses between home and the hotel are usually reimbursed. The way is different depending on the hotels, such as a maximum reimbursement amount like 30,000 yen per month, or a commuter pass may be given.

How to find a bed making and cleaning job

Before starting with finding a job, get your resume prepared. A resume in Japanese will be better, but one in English is also okay. Then let's get start from searching for a job opening.

Search for a job opening

If you have decided your work location, you can physically go there, check whether human needed from hotels around there, and submit an application face-to-face.

Or you can search one on job search websites, among which Quick Jobs Japan is highly recommended. Just as its name, this website can help foreigners find a part-time job easily and quickly in Japan. Actually it is specialized for foreigners, with information shown in both English and Japanese and able to filter jobs by Japanese level from no Japanese speaking to JLPT N1 level. A lot of part-time jobs in different industries are posted and updated every day, with bed making and cleaning job opportunities listed under Cleaning/Customer service/Service job category.

Apply for a job

You can apply for a job face-to-face, or press the "Apply" button under the job description on Quick Jobs Japan.

Go for an interview

You will be contacted for an interview after the application. You are supposed to bring your resume and your residence card along as your visa status will be checked to confirm your work permit. You may have no need to wear suits, but make yourself look clean. Speak in Japanese or with some Japanese words if you can. Whichever, wearing a big smile and showing that you are strong enough for hard work won't hurt. And your future shift may be discussed during the interview, getting a whole knowledge of your schedule advancely will be very helpful, especially for international students.

After passing the interview, you can start a bed making and cleaning job at a hotel.