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Best Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

Best Part-time Jobs in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the most popular cities for business and leisure. It never run short of job opportunities, so that many foreigners can find jobs quickly. They enjoy the work and life balance in the thriving capital of Japan.

We will introduce the best part-time jobs for you! Even if you are not confident in Japanese, there are many jobs available. Please read on the article to find it out!

Recommended part-time jobs for English speakers

If your mother tongue is English, there are many exciting jobs.

English teacher

Teaching English is one of the most popular jobs for foreigners. If you have an experience or a teaching certificate, such as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), you can have the edge. Nowadays, not only schools but also kindergartens or nurseries recruit English teachers. Many companies and language schools always look for teachers.

If you have the Intenet, online teaching could be one of your options. You can adjust the working hours and time for lessons, according to your daily schedule.


Verbal and document translations require a high level of Japanese skills. If your language ability is an advanced level and you have experience in this industry, you will have an edge. Bear in mind that travelling is involved in verbal translation. You may need to go overseas for an international conference, for example. However, meeting new people at new locations are quite exciting.

Hotel staff

Japan hosts the 2020 Olympic (postponed to 2021) and held the Rugby World Cup in 2019, so that many foreigners take an interest in Japan. As tourists increase, the recruitment of English speaking staff of hotels rises. If you are happy with shift work and are keen on learning new skills, why not try this job? It is a chance to be equipped with the world-renowned customer service skills.

Part time jobs for Japanese speaking foreigners

Are you confident in speaking Japanese? There are three jobs that we recommend.

Kitchen staff

Kitchen jobs draw many foreigners as Tokyo has many charming cafes and quality restaurants. Trained or self-taught chefs will have an advantage. That said, if you like cooking, it is still worth sending your application. Working in a professional kitchen will be a great experience. You work under the guidance of a head chef there. It would be best if you have a basic level of Japanese.

Cleaning and bed-making staff

Tokyo is the most populated city, surrounded by many commercial buildings. Cleaners and bed-makers are sought-after jobs. With an excellent public transportation system, your commuting will be relatively easy. Experience is not always required to apply for these jobs.

Construction workers

Do you like working outside? Do you have confidence in your physical toughness? Are you knowledgeable about machines? If so, you will love it. Construction assistants usually work as a team. They mainly help scaffolding, machine operation and removing debris. Japanese speaking foreigners are always welcome at construction sites.

Part-time jobs for foreign students

Part-time jobs are popular among students. Many of them actualise a work and school-life balance. It is an excellent chance to try many types of work before going into a full-time job to get an insight into the business.

Light work staff

Light work includes delivery staff, tutor, writer, music teacher, cashier, shop assistants, assistant coach, gardener and pet feeder. You can work in various industries and workplaces. In an office, you may be responsible for copying, scanning, data entry, filing, telephoning and other clerical works. In a shop, you may be responsible for displaying, pricing and tagging products, stocking, selling, sorting and packaging goods.

Apart from that, seasonal work is also an exciting choice. In resorts or summer campsites, you can work as a camp leader, a recreation attendant or a shop staff for tickets or refreshments.

Care staff

Caring jobs have three types. One is carers for people who suffer from illness, disability or frailty. They work at private residences or nurseries and practise cleaning, shopping, cooking, dressing, administering medicine. The second type is a carer for young children. It is often called nanny. It sometimes involves helping their homework. The third one is the animal carers. It is an ideal job for animal lovers. Dog walking, grooming, bedding and feeding are their primary task.

Convenience store staff

Working in a convenience store is exciting. You can learn many aspects of trade in a vibrant vibe. While equipped with basic customer service skills, you can come across new products almost daily. What is more, as many staff are part-time and students, it is easy to make friends. Some shop owners offer free lunch and snacks during a break. If you are a people person and good at dealing with multiple tasks under pressure, it will suit you.

How to find part-time jobs in Tokyo

Finding the right job is not easy. It is sometimes time-consuming if you don't know the means for job hunting. Here, you will find out the websites we recommend. If you don't have the Internet, why not visit a Hello work office nearby!

Quick jobs Japan

The websites feature a simple and straightforward display with eight job categories, ranging from customer service to education. When you land on the homepage, you will immediately find options, such as job titles, addresses and hourly rates. Then, click through to see the details and apply for posts whatever you want from the website. It works for speedy research.

Hello work

Hello work has an extensive job database, which job seekers can access via an in-house intranet service and over the Internet. Not only that, many regional offices are all over Japan. English speaking staff work in many offices. So, feel free to visit to see them. It helps with your job application and provides job pieces of training if necessary.

Last remarks

Tokyo is a fantastic place to work. You can learn practical skills as well as Japanese business culture. Good luck with your job search!