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Top 10 Recommended Part Time Jobs

Top 10 Recommended Part Time Jobs

So, how do you like Japan so far? Attaching yourself to a totally new environment is not easy thing to go through, but perhaps it's about time to start your job hunting, isn't it?

Different countries would have different kinds of part time jobs and customs. For example, if you go to a restaurant in Japan, you might have realized that there's no need to tip the waiter or waitress at the end of your meal.

So, that means people working at restaurants or any place that offers any kind of service, aren't likely to get tipped. It may surprise some people from certain countries, but always look on the bright side. There's going to be great opportunities of meeting new people here in Japan through your new job. Now are you getting a little excited? Here's a must-have list of top 10 highly recommended part time jobs you can try in Japan.

Live in resort jobs

Wouldn't it be great if you could save your rent and other living expenses while you're working? Well, resort jobs will not only offer you hourly wage, but also three meals a day and a place to live within the resort in exchange of your work. Resort jobs can be found throughout Japan, mainly around popular sightseeing spots, so there's a lot you can do and see during your free time. Starting from a week, solid blocks of time is necessary, therefore it may be difficult for some of you who are here to study in Japan, but still you can use your holidays. Work, save and have fun at the same time!

Uber Eats delivery staff

Being so phenomenal, I'm sure many of you have heard "Uber" before, and yes, it's trying to spread its wings to Japan. Being an Uber driver may be a difficult job to get here, however there is a big demand of "Uber Eats" food delivery staffs and they welcome foreign residents to join. The greatest thing about being an Uber Eats staff is that you can work anytime when you feel like working. It's best to you have your own bicycle, but there are some rental bicycle services that you can use in Tokyo.

Waiter and Waitress

I'm sure you've realized that there are countless restaurants everywhere around downtown. If you're confident with your Japanese, you may as well try out to work as a server. Even if you're not sure with your language skills, there's always the chance to work in the kitchen. Maybe you can find a restaurant that serves your local cuisine, and feel like home while you work if you miss your own country a lot. If you're to lazy cooking for yourself, try to look for restaurants where they have special discounts or serve meals for their employees.


If you're more of an introverted person, how about working at a hotel as a housekeeper? No special skills are required, and you will be given full instructions how to keep the place nice and clean. Hotels are likely to be located near big stations, and I'm sure you will be able to find other foreign workers there.

Sorting and labeling

Another recommended job for those who aren't social butterflies, factories offer jobs of sorting, labeling and packing products that machines can't handle. If you're too shy to communicate with others, working in a factory and doing what you're told could never stress you out.

Surveyee and testers

Wouldn't it be great if you could get money by just answering a couple of easy questions? Whenever a company launches a new product or service, it is common to have some other people to try them out to give feedbacks. Although there aren't that many seats per survey, it might be difficult to make a living only relying to the income of this kind of jobs. Maybe it's better to consider this as a side job for extra allowances.


If you have a whole day to spare, why not get some exercise by helping people moving in or out. All you need is a healthy body and strength to lift and carry boxes. It might be a tiring job but compared to the other jobs listed above, but you can definitely get paid 500yen to 600yen higher per hour. Working hours may differ among each client, so it may be wise to keep the whole day free for just in case.

Sales clerk

Depending on your Japanese abilities, there are many opportunities for you to work as a sales clerk. For example, the easiest would be working at a convenience store. As you might have noticed, there are many convenience stores everywhere and they are literally so convenient as they are mostly open for 24hours. Even if you're an early bird or a night owl, your have many choices to choose your shift from. For advanced Japanese speakers, electronics and appliances stores offer positions for foreigners, especially for Chinese speakers, since there are so many visitors shopping for high quality Japanese electronic appliances. Your mother language might be a help for more than a lot of people you can think of.

Farming and agriculture

Would you rather prefer to live a simple life picking fruits or harvesting? Discover the beauty of wilderness in Japan by giving a hand to local farmers and be a part of their community. Most of them are full time jobs and you are likely to get accommodated near the farm or even the farmers own house. Check out websites that specializes in farming jobs in Japan and look for the best place that suits you. It's the best way to learn and experience Japanese countryside lifestyle and how they get their delicious food from.

Teaching at a language school

From child to elderly, Japanese people are eager in learning another language, especially English. If you want to earn money with the smallest amount of time, teaching English can bring you money quickly. You can apply yourself for a language school and have a stable class every week or, if you know anybody who wants an English lesson, you can start being a tutor an do private lessons from even today.


Now, did you find anything interesting? There's a whole bunch of jobs that awaits you, so let's get your job hunting started!