Tips for an Interview for a Convenience Store Assistant Job

Tips for an Interview for a Convenience Store Assistant Job

Receiving an invitation to an interview is exciting. You are almost there. But many people feel nervous about that. Bear in mind that roper preparation overcomes your nervousness and takes you through the process with confidence. What you need to do is to show you are the best person for the role.

Please read the article to learn how to prepare for your interview.

Top Tips for Interview Preparation

The first impression is crucial for a job interview. Your mindsets for business will be observed by a hiring manager, such as punctuality and cleanliness. When you are confident in your outfit and time management, it will help to get the best performance out of you.

What to wear to an interview

If it is a part-time position, you do not need to wear a new classic suit. However, given the nature of the job, you must present yourself well by being neat and tidy. So, a must is semi-casual clothing and clean shoes. Before picking out your outfit, you should double-check for stains, loose hems and missing buttons. In terms of colours, excessively bright colours and clothing with funny slogans will be a put-off.

Not only clothing but also hair and beard need to look good. Try to be clean-shaven. As a convenience store deals with food, a hiring manager would prefer a clean-looking candidate. If you have a long beard, it would be better to trim it neatly. For long hair, why not tie it up? Before leaving for the interview, reflect yourself in a mirror to check that everything is fine.

What to take to an interview

A hiring manager may ask you to bring some items to the interview venue. You must put everything asked for in your bag at least a day before. Whether asked or not, you should pack a few extra copies, in case that the hiring manager may need it. Additionally, it would be better to take a copy of the job description in the advertisement and your mobile phone. If you have references or certificates relating to the job, take it to prove your quality.

Just in case the hiring manager may ask you to provide proof of identification or residence during the interview, make sure that you have your passport with you.

When to arrive at the interview venue

It is a business norm that a candidate should turn up the interview on time. If you get there too earlier, such as 20-30 minutes before the arrangement, it would be better to kill time, walking or having a cup of tea. Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier rather than just in time as you can have enough time to be ready for the interview. In case you are late, don't forget to call a hiring manager.

Preparing for Interview Questions

The best performance is down to your preparation. Many people feel uncomfortable during an interview. However, if you prepare the answers to the likely interview questions in advance, you will be confident and get a job immediately.

Popular interview questions

Here are the questions.

-What motivates you?

-What is it about the position that interests you the most?

-Why do you want to do this job?

-Are you available for evening and weekend work?

-Are you OK with split shifts?

-When can you start working?

-Where do you live?

-Do you have experience for this role?

-What do you know about this convenience store chain?

-How much are you familiar with a convenience store?

-How do you commute?

-Where do you live?

-How long does it take to come here?

-What would you do if you found shoplifting in this store?

-How would you handle a demanding customer?

-What makes a good store assistant?

What a Successful Candidate is Like

A convenience store assistant is expected to provide excellent service to customers. The staff's primary duties are to replenish products on shelves, help customers' enquiries and to do check-outs at a till. Night shift workers mainly stack shelves and fridges.

Given that, a hiring manager would prefer the person who is confident in giving advice and information, friendly and polite even under pressure and have enough stamina to keep working.

Also, as they work shifts, flexibility is one of the necessary conditions to be successful. So, if you have a flexible schedule, it would be better to tell a hiring manager in the interview.

How to find a convenience store job

When you fancy working at a convenience store, online job boards are useful. Otherwise, you can ask a convenience store about vacancy directly.

Quick Jobs Japan

Quick Jobs Japan is one of the best job boards, featuring a simple search function for filtering through various advertised jobs. With the help of "Category", "Location" and "Japanese level", you can find a potential employer in a flash. Another prominent feature is their career guides on the website, in which you will find more information on convenience store staff and tips for successful interviews.


YOLO JAPAN is a social networking service that offers jobs in Japan. Users favour their straightforward application process. It also provides brilliant support for foreigners living in Japan. Apart from Eglish, you can read the content in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Portuguese. It is easy to find a job by searching with "Area" and "Japanese level."

Pop in a convenience store

The simplest way is by asking a few convenience stores near your house or schools. You may not meet a hiring manager immediately, but if you leave your name and phone number at the store, you will get a contact from the manager.

If you are lucky, you may get a job on the spot. Don't forget that you are always with your CVs just in case. Many stores display a recruitment advertisement on their doorsteps. Be vigilant.

Last Remarks

We hope that our tips will make you have an excellent chance. Please take enough time for preparation. It will give you enough confidence. Good luck with your interview!