How to Write a Winning Qualification Summary

How to Write a Winning Qualification Summary

A summary of qualification is written to showcase key achievements, skills and experience. It plays a similar role to a cover letter, which helps hiring managers to identify whether you are a potential candidate or not in no time. As they typically receive hundreds of CVs for a single position, they usually skim it through. If you want to catch their eyes, it is vital to write an impressive qualification summary.

Learn how to write a winning summary of qualification.

What is a qualification summary?

A summary of qualifications is put on the top of the CV below your name, address and contact information. It highlights your achievement, skills and experience. It is a simple introduction to your suitability and potential to a position.

To create the best summary, you need to tailor a list of the qualifications to meet employers' requirements, according to a job description. Some employers put the priority on certain certifications, but others seek more professional experience or specific skills.

A summary of qualification is optional, so it is up to you. However, many candidates opt for it to optimize the element of a qualification summary and to differentiate from other candidates. It will help if you do not skip it.

How to write the best summary of qualifications

What is a format?

A summary of qualifications is written in a simple form, using four to six bullet points. Write it short and catchy.

How to write a qualification summary tips

The purpose of a summary of qualifications is to make you prominent from other candidates, which leads to land you the first interview. When writing, keep in mind that employers want to know what benefits the candidate can bring to their companies.

Therefore, you should choose the best experience, skills and career success that is relevant to the sector and role that you are applying. If the position requires any traits or personal achievements, don't hesitate to include them as well.

Here is a step-by-step guide to writing a successful qualification summary.

Expertise with quantifiable data

Write the relevant knowledge and achievements, including numerical data, to make the hiring manager understand clearly.

What is your experience in a particular role? What is your crucial achievement or project? Do you have management experience?

Add quantifiable data into each sentence as much as possible.

Here are examples:

・3 years experiences in Michelin star restaurant in London.

・5 years of experience in teaching 30 children.

・Exceeded sales target by 15% in 2018.

Personal traits and skills

Include your traits and skills, such as communication skills, technical skills, creative skills and assistance skills. If you are a career changer with an extensive work history, show your transferable skills, which could impress the potential employer, such as dependability, teamwork and adaptability.

Professional recognition

Show off any awards, honours or certifications you have received in the past. Mention the details, including the reason for your success.

Academic degree and training

As long as your academic degree is relevant to the position, state your highest degree, a major and minor subject, final thesis, school and graduation year. If there is any training you have attended, it’s an excellent chance to show it off.

The tips:

・Avoid using the words, like ”I” or ”my” in a summary

・Choose the writing style to impress your accomplishment strongly.

・Repeat keywords from a job description and use its synonyms.

・Give examples with quantifiable data

・Use any relevant experience or qualifications to differentiate you from other candidates.

Example of a qualification summary

Here are examples.

A summary of qualifications for a resume

If you are a professional with many years, narrow down the achievements to tell only the most impressive ones.

Example A: Customer service

・5 years of experience in the customer service industry.

・Excetional troubleshooting skill to resolve complex issues.

・Proven track record in improving customer satisfaction by 110%.

・Awarded ”Customer service of the year” for receiving positive customer feedback for a consecutive three years.

Example B: Retail worker

・10 years of retail sales experience working in a department store.

・Exceeded sales target by more than 30% for four years in a row.

・Created a useful display to attract customers.

・Excellent teamwork skills l to boost month-to-month sales figures

・Highly trained in marketing strategy.

・Promoted to a manager after two years with the current employer.

Example C: IT manager

・17 years experience in Help desk technical department in HNJ company.

・Trained and led a team of 30 employees, improving overall work quality by 35%.

・Received the top IT management award in 2018.

・Researched and analysed issues, saving £10k in potential costs.

・Currently pursuing a Master degree in computer science.

A summary of qualifications for student

Applying for a position that you do not have any working experience must be a daunting task. However, you can write a summary of qualifications.

What you need to do is focus on what you have done in high school or college life. Think about what club activities you have done. How was your coursework? Have you done any volunteer experience or participated in extra-curricular activities? How about summer jobs or work experience? Have you received any recognition?

Check out the examples!

Example D: Marketer

・Accomplished Bachelor's in Economics from University of Wimbledon(2019).

・Adept with MS Office and Excel

・Assisted in conducting market research in BBB company.

・High trained in writing abilities.

・Fluent in Japanese and Chinese.

・Strong interest in the Asian market

Example E: Teaching assistant

・MA in Education from University of Sanfrancisco(2018).

・Possess a multiple subject teaching credentials

・Extensive working experience with young children from aged 3-5.

・Awarded for development of learning fun activities.

・Served as an assistant teacher for East school in Tokyo.

・Passionate, outgoing and diligent.

Last remarks

Regardless of sector, make sure that your qualifications summary surpass other candidates with your unique skill sets and experience. Take time to optimize your CV. It will bring a good result.