"Telephone Talk" for Part-Time Job Application

"Telephone Talk" for Part-Time Job Application

It is an excellent way to call a hiring manager before submitting a CV unless the job advertisement requests no phone enquiries. If you have any questions about the recruitment process or a job, it is helpful to connect with a hiring manager to get a clear picture of the position.

Here, you will learn tips for preparing a telephone talk and examples.

Preparation for telephone talk

Before applying for the post, you will have an opportunity to know more about the employer's expectations by telephone talk. It will also give you a point of contact with the manager and a chance to leave a good impression.

What time should I call?

It will help if you remember that a hiring manager or the HR department is always busy. They receive countless applications per single post. Keep in mind that you go for the right time, not to waste their time.

The best time is their business hours. Please avoid the busiest business hour. Generally, restaurants are busy during lunchtime and evenings. Staff in companies tend to leave the office for lunch. Additionally, early morning and late evening are not suitable as many companies have a regular morning meeting.

Who is a hiring manager?

If you have any questions about recruitment, be prepared to ask questions. You should take a note of all of the questions that you can use during the telephone talk.

Make sure you know the right person and telephone number to call. If you don't know, go to the potential employer's website. Click "About us" or "team" pages where a job title is indicated.

When are you available for an interview?

A hiring manager may want to interview you. To arrange the interview on the spot, you should know your availability. It would be a good idea to list up your best times before calling.

Examples of telephone talk for part-time job applications

Calling a potential employer is nerve-lacking. "What should I say?"

However, it is not as hard as you are thinking.

What to say is your name, the position you want to apply for, your passion about the job, and questions if you have any.

Here are some examples.

Talk to a hiring manager

"Hello, my name is Bill White. I want to apply for the waiter position with AAA restaurant. I have worked at several restaurants for five years, so I am confident that my skills match the job requirements."

If you have any questions,

"Hello, my name is June Green. I have found from your website that you are recruiting a part-time sales position. I have seven years' experience in selling cosmetics in France. My skills meet the requirements for the role. But I want to make sure I am addressing everything you seeks. May I ask a question? Could you please tell me whether a part-time position is required to work overtime or not?"

When a hiring manager is away

If a hiring manager is away or busy when you call, you should ask the staff the manager's availability like "When is he available?"

When you learn, you can say like "I am calling you back at 3 pm today. Thank you very much."

When nobody answers

When nobody gets your phone call, it would be a good idea to leave a message on the answering machine.

For example,

"Hello, my name is Mary Smith. I am interested in applying for the advertised role of a part-time English teacher that I saw on Quick Jobs Jpan. My mobile phone number is 551-6666. If you'd call me back, I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you very much."

Leaving your mobile phone number will help to connect with the employer.

However, If you don't want to leave it, you can say, like "I will call you back later. Thanks."

How to win a good impression on telephone talk

The first impression is crucial for job seekers!

There are tips to win a good impression.

Do's and Don'ts during the telephone talk

・Smile as it helps your tone friendly.

・Do not ring many times.

・Use a landline to avoid a poor connection or dropped calls.

・Don't call in a noisy place.

・Be prepared to take notes.

・Don't smoke, eat, or drink.

・Focus on listening and give short answers.

・Take time to answer questions.

・Speak clearly.

・Don't interrupt when the hiring manager is talking.

・Reschedule if you have to.

・Ask questions if you have them.

・Be polite.

・Thank the hiring manager after you have spoken.

Where to find a part-time job

There are many websites to find part-time jobs.

Here are the sites we recommend.

Quick Jobs Japan

Quick Jobs Japan is one of the best job boards as it provides a simple search function which allows you to filter through many of the jobs advertised. If you want to compare your salary, it is especially helpful. You can research it across several main cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka, or Kumamoto. It also provides useful career guides. For example, "how to find a job", "how to accept a job offer" and many more.

Jobs in Japan

Jobs in Japan offers useful tools to filter through numerous job postings with functions, such as keyword, location, category, type, language level of English and Japanese. It also allows you to find companies which restrict to domestic applicants or allow overseas applicants. With "Post a Resume", you can upload your CV to the site and apply for the position you are interested in. Their blogs are helpful.


YOLO JAPAN is a social networking service which introduces various jobs in Japan. It enables you to make a job application process more manageable. It provides excellent support for foreigners who reside in Japan. Besides, not only English and Japanese, but it also offers other language options including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Portuguese.

Last remarks

Now that you have learned the tips, you will be excellent at talking to a hiring manager via the phone. Do not forget a good preparation will bring you a good result!