Tips for Finding Jobs in Fukuoka

Tips for Finding Jobs in Fukuoka

With delicious food, convenient airport, and many leisure spots, especially Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, which is Japan's most well-known festival, Fukuoka is one of the most famous cities in Japan. It has the largest population in Kyushu island and its increase rate of foreign residents is No.1 among Japan's metropolises, also, the number of international students is 16,345 which is the 3rd in Japan following Tokyo and Osaka. Therefore, Fukuoka has great environment for foreigners. Let's look at benefits of each working styles, how to find jobs, and salary level and average wages in Fukuoka in this article.

Jobs in Fukuoka

Fukuoka has a lot of famous manufacturing companies such as TOTO and Zenrin, also, primary industries including fishing, agriculture, forestry, etc. are active there. Owing to the declaration of "Startup City Fukuoka" announced in 2012, the number of start-up businesses is growing. We will introduce 4 working styles and their advantages.

Full-time jobs

Advantages of working as full-time workers are to get stable salaries, no limit on working periods, employee benefits, and bonuses. Also, they can easily gain trust to make credit cards, bank accounts, etc. It is suitable for people who want to work in a same company for a long time, feel comfortable by belonging to an organization, who can take responsibility for the job, etc.

Part-time jobs

Part-time workers are able to decide days and places to work, so they can work freer than full-time workers. As many of their jobs do not require specialized qualifications or skills, people can start working with no experience. It is recommended for people who want to experience various industries and acquire skills and who want to make balance between work and studying, hobbies, housework or parenting and so on.

Temporary jobs

Benefits of working as temporary workers are that they can be introduced to job offers by temp agencies, can consult about problems or anxieties while working and can attend trainings and seminars. It would be ideal for people who want to improve their skills, work with a fixed period, and balance jobs and lives.


Advantages of working as interns are to experience practical work sites before entering companies, to make friends, and to make an appeal to the company by representing what cannot be known only through interviews. It is recommended for people who want to try working in Japanese companies, acquire practical skills, and want to know about companies deeply.

How to find jobs in Fukuoka

As Fukuoka is the center of economy in Kyushu Island, lots of people gather and actively engage in economic activities. It has many head office functions, and you can search for plenty of jobs. We will show you main ways of finding jobs which are making using of websites, Hello Work, and temporary employment agencies.

Job search websites

You can find extensive information on the internet. Each website has its own characteristics, so you should check various websites and find one suiting you.

Quick Jobs Japan is an ideal website to search for part-time jobs for foreigners. It has over 10,000 job descriptions and provides useful information to live and work in Japan. With simple steps and useful contents, you can find a great job right away.

Hello Work

Hello Work is a public employment security office which has 21 counseling counters and 33 attached facilities in Fukuoka. They provide telephone consultation services for foreign workers in 5 languages including English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog, and provide job information and consultation at the foreign workers Corner, and job-search seminars for international students. Therefore, you can consult about jobs in English and Chinese at Hello Work offices in Fukuoka city.

Temporary employment agencies

Temp agencies offer job information and support workers. Konnichiwa★Job Station is one of temp agencies in Fukuoka. They introduce jobs for foreigners, give advice about how to work and provide seminars to learn Japanese.

Salary levels and average hourly wages in Fukuoka

The salary and hourly wage varies depending on your skills or job types, but here are some guidelines.

Full-time employees

The average annual income for full-time workers is about 4.59 million yen which ranked 18th in Japan in 2018. The monthly income is 314,100 yen and the average bonus is 823,000 yen,

Part-time employees

The average hourly wage is 954 yen and the minimum wage is 814 yen. Food and beverage industries have an average hourly wage about 906 yen, while sales/office such as call center and leisure and entertainment industries are higher over 1,000 yen.

Temporary employees

The average hourly wage is 1,271 yen, which is 1,000 yen for office work, and around 1,300 yen for engineers and instructors who operate systems. It looks a little lower than the national average.


The average hourly wage is about 1,000 yen. There are some internships with high salary available such as project type internships and IT related internships, also, you can find some for over 1,200 yen on the websites.


The salary level is not that high, but Fukuoka is so livable with low cost for consuming and house rental. There are fulfilling support systems for lots of foreign residents. With convenient and attractive environment, Fukuoka is loved by people. We hope that you enjoy working in Fukuoka!