Work Environment and How to Find a Job in Aichi

Work Environment and How to Find a Job in Aichi

Since located in the center of Japan, Aichi has flourished as an important transportation hub and has transportation networks for all of land, air and sea. Also, excellent industries gather in this area, which leads its industrial and economic power to the world-class. It is surrounded by beautiful ocean and mountains and you can enjoy the rich nature in all seasons. There are also famous local cuisines such as Hitsumabushi, Miso Katsu, and Kishimen which are called Nagoyameshi. Aichi is also famous for the birth of historical great men, Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu who are called Three Heroes and have changed Japanese history so much. Most of all, Japanese traditional culture is still being continued in Aichi even now.

Are you excited to work in Aichi? We will show you characteristics of each employment types, how to find jobs, and income level and average wages in Aichi in this article.

Jobs in Aichi

Aichi is very famous for automobiles. In addition, various manufacturing industries are also active, ranging from traditional industries such as ceramics and textiles to advanced industries such as aerospace. Popular sectors are mainly automotive, beauty salons and wedding industries. Let's see about four employment styles.

Full-time jobs

Automotive factories always recruit new full-time workers. Also, people can aim to become full-time workers from temporary workers because major manufacturing companies like Toyota usually have full-time employee transfer systems for limited-time employees such as temporary workers, that if a temporary worker has worked long-term and gained experience, he or she can get a chance to become a full-time worker.

Part-time jobs

There are plenty of part-time jobs including light works in factories, food and beverage, customer services, sales, office works and hotel staff. You can search suitable part-time jobs that you can work in your free time.

Temporary jobs

You can choose temporary jobs from a wide range of industries such as office works, interpretations, and IT related jobs. In particular, there exists many factory and manufacturing jobs and some of them provide dormitories. They also have training systems and employee benefits.


There are a lot of companies expanding overseas, and international students can take advantage of English language skills to intern in overseas sales and marketing sectors, and also service industries. Aichi Prefectural government supports foreigners and international students to get jobs by providing internships in local companies.

How to find jobs in Aichi

The effective job offer ratio in Aichi is 4th nationwide. Many large companies mainly in the manufacturing industry are located in Aichi, and the employment environment is the top level in the country. Here, we will show you three ways to find jobs.

Searching on websites

If you enter keywords about what you want to do or where, you can find many job information on the internet. Also, you can find jobs more efficiently by searching websites specialized for recruitment, in which Quick Jobs Japan has our high recommendation for foreigners . You can find jobs quickly with abundant job offers and simple steps there.

Using Hello Work

Hello Work offices in Aiichi provide job introductions and consultations for foreigners. They support in English and Chinese, so people who cannot speak Japanese can also receive their services. They also provide trainings to learn Japanese and business manners which will make your job hunting smoothly.

Registering recruitment staffing agencies

Staffing agencies make matching between job seekers and employment companies. They introduce job offers based on your experiences and skill sets. They will answer any questions about jobs and provide seminars about Japanese language and business manners to help you find a job. Registration of a staffing agency is basically free and easy, so it may be better to register with several companies and find jobs with better conditions.

Income level and average wages in Aichi

Income level in Aichi is quite high. The minimum wage is 926 yen, which is the fourth highest in Japan. Let's look at each employment types.

Full-time workers

The average annual income is 5,546,200 yen, which is No.2 in the country in 2018. This owes to the productiveness of manufacturing industry. The high income level is attractive, while the living cost is not so high in Aichi.

Part-time workers

The average hourly wage is 1,088 yen, which is higher than the national average of 1,052 yen. By seeing job types, light work in warehouse has a high average of 1,149 yen, and eating and drinking is 955 yen while 1,000 yen for cleaning and 1,157 yen for office work.

Temporary workers

The average hourly wage is 1563 yen, which is about the same as the national average. If you have specific skills in such as sales, IT, or language, you can gain a higher hourly rate.


Basically, no reward will be paid for short-term internships for one or two weeks, though some companies provide travel expenses. The average hourly wage for long-term internships is 1009 yen, which seems to have no difference with other regions.

Finally, Aichi has a high income level and provides many employment chances in factories and the other industries. Also, its working condition is good with a short average commute time and no crowd in traffic. Its number of foreign residents is increasing and the supporting system and labor environment will be more comfortable. Let's look for a job and enjoy working in Aichi.