To Work in Saitama

To Work in Saitama

Saitama is located next to Tokyo and other 6 prefectures, and has a good environment with rich nature and low cost of living while in the capital region. There are also many large shopping malls, factory stores, famous department stores which have pretty much anything you need, and lots of large facilities holding sports games and music concerts where you can enjoy your leisure. We will show you about working in Saitama in this article. Please use this as a reference if you are seeking jobs in Saitama.

Jobs in Saitama

Saitama has plenty of working opportunities in many different industries like wholesale/retail, service, manufacturing, food, accommodation, construction, etc., and agriculture is flourishing in the north. It also has large sales of western confectioneries and chocolates which are top-class in the country, making it one of the best sweets kingdom. In addition, with a great access to other prefectures by cars and trains, there are many warehouses and factories along the lines as logistics bases. Besides, you can go to Tokyo or Kanagawa quickly and the way is not so crowded.

Full-time jobs

There are a lot of full-time jobs in different industries such as manufacturing and service. Full-time employees can get various profits compared to other types of employment, including employee benefits, maternity and childcare leave, and bonuses.

Part-time jobs

The popular part-time jobs in saitama are sales staff in shopping mall, restaurant staff, event staff, and so on. Part-time employees can usually work with shift system and the working hours are flexible. Therefore, they can make their own working schedules according to their lifestyles. For example, a student works only on weekends.

Temporary jobs

There are also many kinds of temporary jobs in Saitama. Temporary staff can also choose working hours and places, so they can use their free time to work. Moreover, they can often earn more than part-time workers.

How to find jobs in Saitama

If you have a job preference or type of employment that you want to do, then how do you actually look for a job? Here, we will introduce three ways to find jobs, which are job search websites, Hello Work, and temporary staffing agencies.

Job search websites

There are numerous job offers on the internet. On the job search websites, you can search for jobs based on areas or job types you want to work in, etc.

Quick Jobs Japan is a website specialized for foreigners to find a part-time job in Japan. It has a wide range of job offers from major companies and well-known companies, as well as jobs only posted on this website. All jobs allow foreigners to work, and the required Japanese level is mentioned, so you can easily find a part-time job that suits your Japanese level.

Hello Work

Hello Work provides job introductions and counselings at the desks dedicated to foreigners. It has interpretation service in English, Chinese, Espanol, and Portuguese, so you don't have to worry if you are not good at Japanese. You can also access to Hello Work on the internet.

Temporary staffing agencies

Temp agencies provide services of matching job seekers and recruiting companies. Job seekers can register for temp agencies to be introduced job offers and receive training lessons and supports. However, the registration procedures and supports are often offered in Japanese, so it seems better to be able to speak a little Japanese.

Income level and average hourly wages in Saitama

Income level of Saitama is not so high in the capital region and the minimum wage is 926 yen which is the 4th highest in the country. Let's look at the average income for each type of employment and the features of each industry.

Full-time employees

The average annual income of full-time employees in Saitama is 4,877,900 yen, which ranks 12th in Japanese prefectures in 2018. The income level of Saitama is not so high in the metropolitan area, but the price of commodities and house rental are cheaper than Tokyo, so it is quite livable.

Part-time employees

The average hourly wage for part-time workers in Saitama is 1066 yen, which is slightly higher than the national average. The average of popular industries, food and drink, sales, and entertainment are 975 yen, 1004 yen, and 1008 yen in order.

Temporary employees

The average hourly wage for temporary workers in Saitama is 1494 yen. It varies depending on job types and your skill sets, so it is better to find a job that suits you while considering the work contents and hourly wages.

Finally, since Saitama has many popular sightseeing places like Koedo (an old town from the Edo period) for foreigners and is a comfortable place to live in, there are more and more foreign residents year by year. It also has many support systems and opportunities for foreigners to work at, so please find a job that suits you and enjoy it.