What is Arubaito? How to Find Arubaito?

What is Arubaito? How to Find Arubaito?

You might have heard "Arubatio" in Japan. The term actually puzzles many foreign people. So, we will explain the meaning of Arubaito first, and then, introduce useful job boards, several regions' hourly rates and how to find the best arubaito in Japan.

What is Arubaito?

In Japan, people often use the term, "Arubaito, a Japanese loanword from German, "Arbeiter" or "Arbeit." It would be helpful to know that Japanese people often use loanwords which came from Western countries.

Arubaito means part-time or casual work. It mainly means students and young people's part-time jobs. The term, "Baito" which people use as much as Arubaito is a just simplified term of Arubaito. It means that Baito is the same as Arubaito.

How to find Arubaito and Best 3 job boards

When you want to find arubaito, searching online job boards is the easiest way.

Quick Jobs Japan

Quick Jobs Japan is one of the best job boards. It has an easy search function that allows you to filter through many of the jobs advertised. You can filter by job category, job location and Japanese level. A salary is different from place to place in Japan. The site enables you to compare it across several main cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka, or Kumamoto. It also provides useful career guides in the form of an article. You can learn how to find a job or how to accept a job offer and many more.

Jobs in Japan

Jobs in Japan provides a tool to filter through many postings, using functions: Keyword, job location, job category, job type, English level, Japanese level and employer level. It also allows you to find companies which restrict to domestic applicants or allow overseas applicants. Using "Post A Resume", you can upload your CV to the site and apply for the position you want. Their blogs regarding a job-hunting are helpful as well.


YOLO JAPAN is a social networking service that offers jobs in Japan. It features an easy application process and provides support for foreigners living in Japan. Besides English and Japanese, it has more language options including Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Portuguese. To search for a job, you can use the functions, "Area" and "Japanese level."

The Average hourly rate for arubatio

The average rate differs from location to location.

Big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka tend to have a higher hourly rate than remote areas. To learn more, read on Tokyo, Aichi, Osaka and Kanagawa.


Tokyo's hourly rate is about 1,111 yen, according to Shorwork.com. The national average is 1,063 yen. It indicates that Tokyo is relatively higher than other places. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, the rate differs according to the type of job. For example, a tutor or a part-time teacher can earn 2,200 yen per hour, while restaurant staff get 1,123 yen. Warehouse staff, such as pickers, receive 1,118 yen on average. Removal staff's wage is 1,232 yen. Promotion staff get 1,490 yen.


Aichi prefecture is located in Tokai area, which is between Tokyo and Kyoto. The area's hourly rate is 1,034 yen, which is a little lower than the Japanese average wage. Warehouse staff's average rate is 1,074 yen, while promotion staff's wage is 1,418 yen. Removal staffs' is 1,067 yen, restaurant staffs' is 1,037 yen, while drivers get 1,067 yen per hour.


The average hourly rate in Osaka is 1,031 yen. Warehouse staff receive 1.079 yen, removal staff get 1,048 yen, and drivers earn 1,058 yen. Assembling staff's wage is 1,104 yen, the Event staffs' is 1,067 yen, and promotion staff earn 1,394 yen. Workers in the food sector receive 1,045 yen. Tutors' hourly rate is 1,309 yen. Comparing to Tokyo's rate it is a little lower.


Kanagawa prefecture is located in the Kanto region of Japan. The capital of the county is Yokohama, and Kanagawa is part of the Greater Tokyo Area. The area's average hourly rate is 1,092 yen which is slightly higher than the national average. Warehouse staff's rate is 1,113 yen, removal staff earn 1,246 yen, drivers get 1,110 yen, and assembling staff receive 1,087 yen. Event staff's rate is 1,189 yen, promotion staffs' is 1,466 yen per hour.

Best three recommended arubaito

With so many arubaito available, it would be difficult to choose the best one. Each job requires different skills and qualifications. We've selected 3 of the best Arubaito to help you decide which suits you the best.

Cleaning jobs

Cleaners work at various places such as hotels, restaurants, nursing homes or hospitals. The duties for cleaning job include cleaning rooms and work areas, changing sheets and towels, making beds, emptying bins, dusting and polishing the furniture, and cleaning windows. Depends on the workplace, you may need to lift or carry some objects like an iron board or a spare bed.

Food jobs

The food service industry has many varieties of job. For example, food and drink service, cashiers, dishwashers, waiters or customer service. One of the fun aspects of arubatio is that you can have an opportunity to encounter world-class produce, alongside new products and unbelievable healthier alternatives. Food jobs are exciting as the sector always looks forward and changes innovatively. It is also suitable for people who want to work in the evening.

Lightwork jobs

There are many types of light work job, such as delivering items and tutoring students. In the retail industry, pricing and tagging goods, assembling, sorting, packaging orders or sales. At a fuel station, hand-washing and polishing vehicles. In the office, clerk work is available, including copying, scanning and data entry. If you like animals, dog walking or pet feeding will be fun.

Last remarks

The hourly rate is slightly different from place to place, but given that difference of the living cost of each area, it is not a big deal. The most important thing is to find the most suitable job for you. Try various job boards to find an exciting arubaito!