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English Teaching Jobs in Japan and 6 Jobs with English Speaking

English Teaching Jobs in Japan and 6 Jobs with English Speaking

As the third largest economy in the world,Japan has been a dream land for foreigners.It may not be over saying that the world has been obsessing over Japanse culture since many years ago, like anime,Shinto shrines, geishas, Studio freakin'Ghibli. You must have heard a friend or someone you know talking about how he or she loves a character in anime, or wants to try on a Yukata and stroll on a summer festival of Japan.

The number of Gaijin,i.e.foreigners, working and living in Japan has been increasing year by year.Kickstarting a new life in Japan is not that difficult, even for someone who can not speak Japanese at all, as there is always a job as an English teacher there for you. Surely understanding with Japanese,even just conversational level will be definitely helpful for both your daily life and your career.But there are also plenty of teaching jobs without any requirement for Japanese language skills.

How to find an English teaching job

On top of all, ask friends or friends of them if there is any introduction for teaching English in Japan. Don't be surprised that many job vacancies are not posted public and if an applicant was recommended by someone in the school or company, the applicant will be highly possible to take the job.Introductions are huge in Japan. You never know where your next chance will come from. Always get out and try to meet people, the connections will turn out a big treasure for you someday.

Other than the introduction, you can also follow the regular job seeking steps, print resume out, search online for programs or schools, check the job descriptions, apply for one, pass an interview.Google it and pages of results will come out. It couldn't talk without JET(Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) as one of the top English teaching programs in Japan, but it's not your only option.There are other programs like Interac, Westgate, etc. They hire English speaking people from all over the world to teach in private and public schools. These programs may differ in requirements. Check them and choose which you are eligible.

What about the salary of an English teaching job

Japan may be one of the most awesome places to make money with teaching English. As an English teacher in Japan, you can expect to earn between 200,000 and 600,000 Yen ($1,700 - 5,000 USD) per month anywhere. Normally the salary packages include teachers flights, accommodation, and training.

The salary varies from place to place.A teacher in private English conversation schools gets about 250,000 yen per month, while 280,000 yen for a teacher in public school employed through JET, and 200,000 - 250,000 yen for an ALT. While the salary goes up to 300,000 - 600,000 yen per month for teachers in universities. If you do hourly tutoring,the wage will be around 3,000 Yen ($25 USD) per hour.

6 jobs with English speaking

Teacher in English conversation schools

There are many English conversation schools, usually privately operated in Japan.Though English is a mandatory class from the fifth grade for the Japanese public education system, the focus is generally on English grammar. Many parents send children to private schools in the hope of improving their English, or to provide experience to the ways and manners of people from other cultures.Almost all the teachers there are native speakers. Actually you don't need to speak any Japanese.

Teacher in public elementary and junior high schools

An English teaching position is provided in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools throughout Japan. You can find one through Japanese government sponsored JET program,or to be hired to be an ALT(Assistant Language Teacher) directly by the school.

An ALT will work together with a Japanese teacher on a daily basis.In addition, they are responsible for developing teaching materials and activities in consultation with the homeroom teacher for each class.

Tour conductor

To accompany the tour and manage the itinerary of the tourists and respond to their demands in a travel agency. It is required to respond appropriately to troubles as well as to understand the history and geographical information of the places visited. As it is necessary to explain the immigration procedures, local culture and history to customers, English-speakers are prefered.

Trade affairs

The job contents include negotiations with trading companies and overseas manufacturers, import and export procedures, international transportation operations, etc. You are expected to acquire a wide range of knowledge such as sales, accounting, customs clearance for such kind of job related to all aspects of transaction. Also, since most of the trade documents are in English, a native English-speaker is highly appreciated.

Hotel staff

It is also called "hotel reservation office". Hotel brands around the world may have their own dedicated office for booking in Japan. They want to hire someone who will not only make reservations, but also provide tourist information, and will also hold meetings and negotiate with overseas staff. Not only English but also other language skills may be required as it may interact with multiple countries.

Study Abroad Counselor

To propose a study abroad plan that meets the needs of each applicant, and to arrange schools, airline tickets, and accommodation for them. As negotiations with other countries are needed, people who can speak English are expected.

Visa to teach English in Japan

As a non-Japanese national,you need a dedicated work visa to legally teach English in Japan.There are three main types of visas for you,with the biggest difference in where you are allowed to teach.

Instructor Visa

One of the most common visa in Japan that allows you to work as an ALT in public schools like elementary and high schools.

Specialist in Humanities Visa

Another common work visa in Japan that allows you to work as a teacher in private schools or companies like English conversation schools.

Working Holiday Visa

Only available for certain countries’ residents (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, The Republic of Korea, France, Germany, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, Norway), and only valid for 6 months.But this work visa do allow you to teach in Japan.

Basically,you don't need much to qualify for the visas above,other than being a native English speaker or having at least 12 years of schooling in English,and a bachelor's degree in any subject.


There are a lot of methods to find a teaching English job in Japan. Furthermore, you will find out that opportunities are endless after you come to Japan. Maybe teaching job should be regarded as paving the way for your Japanese dream. With your speaking of Japanese,business level Japanese, there is no doubt that other work opportunities will come by.