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Fun Part-Time Jobs in Japan

Fun Part-Time Jobs in Japan

When you wake up, are you excited about your job, or are you feeling blue? Working is hard, but it has many bright sides. However, we are likely to forget the charms. Merits can nullify negative elements, and we spend lots of time working in our lives. Given that, it could be helpful to focus on the more fantastic aspects of jobs. The right job brings you plenty of joy.

Read on this article and find fun part-time jobs!

Resort staff

The resort industry offers different types of hospitality. Depending on the nature of the job, there are various aspects that you can enjoy. Typically, staff work at beach resorts, hotels, theme parks and on cruises. Teamwork is crucial for its success. In this industry, you will have many opportunities to meet new people, make friends and receive on-the-job training.

On top of that, staff are often offered free meals and discounts for facilities, such as spas, golf courses and fitness centres. Cruising staff get free onboard and accommodation with time off at various destinations that the cruise visits. Exploring famous cities or beautiful sightseeing spots are enjoyable. If you are a people person and are keen to learn high standard customer service, you will not regret to take on this job.

Live music bar or club staff

Live music bars or café usually includes jazz café and rock café. If you like music and its vibe, you should consider it. Also, if you have a profound knowledge of a particular genre of music, or if you are an ambitious amateur musician, it is the right place to work. You can make friends and develop your network, which may lead to a music career because music-related staff tend to gather at music bars. Plus, you may have a chance to make a debut at the club. Meeting famous bands and celebrities and listening to professionals’ live music is a fantastic bonus. Not only that, but you can also learn about food and drinks, such as how to make cocktails. These practical skills will be useful in your private life. Birthday parties or a Christmas party, for example.

Bar staff

Experience or qualifications are not often required, so it is relatively straightforward to get into this career. It is an excellent place to learn how to make cocktails and how to taste wines or whisky. Talking to various customers will hone your communication skills, which will apply to any other industry. Bars are a popular social place for foreigners as well. While working, you can practice English or other foreign languages. It suits a night owl who is interested in serving alcohol. A bar job won’t get you bored.

Removal service staff

Removal work is physically hard, but it has many positive aspects. The best reward is to receive appreciation from customers after removal has completed. You will gain confidence and a sense of achievement. Besides, commuting is stress-free as the company usually picks you up at the nearest station. Plus, the hourly rate is relatively higher than any other part-time job. Another bonus is that customers sometimes give staff tips. In terms of physical fitness, you can not help but break your bad habit, such as being a couch potato. Many removal staff shrug off excessive weight and start a healthy working style.

Foreign Language teacher

Teaching is an exciting job. Teachers meet many people and influence their lives. No day will be ordinary as your students are not always the same. During the lesson, you will enjoy every moment that gives you lots of surprise and satisfaction. Teachers are good at problem-solving and dealing with various situations, controlling their emotion. Fun, excitement, fulfilment and disappointment repeatedly come to you, which is one of the fantastic elements of teaching.

Furthermore, while working, you can learn about Japanese business culture. Getting to know students and meeting other teachers is also enjoyable. If you are creative, preparing teaching material and planning lesson will be fun.

Sales assistant

There are many options to work as various shops regularly recruit staff. Notably, in Christmas season, they employ many seasonal workers. One of the charms is being able to work, being surrounded by fantastic goods and passionate staff. Advising customers with your knowledge or experience is delightful, too. The most exciting moment could be discovering new items faster than others, which is considered as a privilege for sales staff. Staff sometimes get discounts and free event tickets. You may have a chance to see gorgeous fashion models or celebrities at close range.

UberEats partner

An UberEats delivery job is suitable for a person who likes flexible work. UberEats company allows staff to choose when he or she wants to work and for how long. When you feel like working on the whole day, you can do it, and if you have to study or want to take a long holiday, you can stop it and start again. The company recommends customers to rank your delivery by giving a thumbs up or down. With an excellent review, your hourly rate will go up. Not only that, many more incentives are ready for you. A rate increases on rainy day delivery, for example. A mobile phone is necessary as you need to download the app that shows a map and information on delivery, but it is not hard. If you like biking around a big city, you will love it. Many staff say that familiarising Tokyo is fantastic.

Book shop assistant

Bookshops are great places to work for book-lovers. You will get much information on new books and events, and being able to find interesting books and magazines. There are plenty of things you can learn, such as genre, authors, bestsellers and new release. Also, you can get equipped with skills for the operation of tills and customer service, such as how to deal with customers’ requests and complaints. Another thing is it may bring a chance to meet your favourite writers or journalists at book signing events. Not only that, but it is also lovely to advise or exchange information on books with customers or other staff.

Last remarks

Did you find the right job? If your hobbies or interest are related to your work, you will get a buzz out of it. More importantly, a good relationship with staff and your boss is the key to enjoy working. Remember to check it before starting!