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Good-pay Delivery Part-time Jobs

Good-pay Delivery Part-time Jobs

Delivery services are on the rise due to COVID-19 pandemic, as a result delivery part-time jobs are increasing even million of jobs may be lost. Since the state of emergency declared, people are requested to stay at home and keep social distance. Dine-in becomes an avoided option and consumers are turning to delivery to treat themselves at home. For restaurants, delivery also becomes an important or only way to grasp staying-home customers and get through the coronavirus shock.

Even the emergency declaration already ended, it is little possible that consumer behavior will return to normal soon for service sectors because people will still be hesitant to eat out like they used to. So delivery person will keep highly demanded for a long while. In fact delivery part-time jobs also earn good. This article is going to introduce work contents, working hours, wages, pros and cons of delivery for your reference.

Work contents of delivery part-time jobs

Detailed work contents vary depending on delivery services and stores, but the goal is the same: to deliver products safely and in time to the customers. Grocery deliveries for supermarkets and convenience stores like cleaning and hygiene products may request a second-day delivery, but food is usually requested to deliver within 30 minutes. Let's take Domino's Pizza as an example, which may be the most popular food delivery service in Japan, a unit of the work is:

1. Handle orders

Receiving an order is the begin of delivery work. Customers order by phone or website. Confirm the order content and start preparing for pizza if on your duty, and preparing for delivery.

2. Prepare for food

The kitchen work includes stretching the dough after receiving the order, adding toppings and baking and putting pizza in pizza boxes.

3. Prepare for delivery

-Check routing

Check the address of destination with the big map equipped to the stores so that you can deliver efficiently.

-Check vehicle

As safety is the priority, you are required to check your motorcycle every time you ride it. You are also asked to recite "safe driving vows" before the delivery in order to raise your awareness of safe driving. As a customer service, you are required to be polite and cheerful as a representative of the store.

4. Cleaning jobs at the store

Other than delivery, you may be also responsible for do cleaning at the store.

Senior staff will guide you at first to help you get used to the job little by little, including guiding you and accompanying you as chaperones if you do not have knowledge of the local area. Your task will begin from delivering food, and then expand to handle orders, prepare pizza, etc, after getting used.

Working hours

A self-report system is common that you apply for available working hours and days according to your schedule. A typical working schedule is like more than 3 days a week, 3 hours a day, and you can arrange your most convenient hours such as 10:00~14:00 for housewives, 17:00~21:00 for students.

Hourly wage

Delivery part-time job earns more than part-time jobs at convenience stores. A delivery person of Domino's Pizza gets over 1300 yen per hour in Tokyo, while most convenience stores pays for around 1000 yen. It is also a common knowledge that hourly wage in other prefectures will be less than Tokyo.

Moreover, benefits such as rise in pay, late night allowances, staff discounts are also provided.

Pros of delivery part-time jobs

Delivery is one of the most popular part-time jobs with the following attracting advantages.

-Good pay and flexible work schedule

As mentioned above, basically delivery part-time job gets higher hourly wage than other customer service jobs. It is not hard to understand as not everyone can do this job, firstly you need to have a motorcycle driver's license. And a better salary is also for its tough work content that you may have to deliver food in bad weather.

Delivery part-time job allows a very flexible work schedule so that you can take priority in your study or house work and earn some extra money at the same time.

-Staff meals or staff discounts

Many restaurants also provide staff meals or staff discounts for delivery part-time workers so that you can enjoy free or cheap meals, which equals a higher pay.

-Less contact with other people

Compared to kitchen staff or hall staff at restaurants or convenience stores, delivery part-time workers absolutely contact less with both coworkers and customers. Most of your work time will be driving. And the communication with customers also has fixed patterns, which will be less stressful and low risk of catching virus.

Cons of delivery part-time jobs

Let's also check the disadvantages of working as a delivery person.

-Have to deliver in bad weathers

No wonder that delivery person will be busy in bad weathers, as customers don't want to go outside in rainy and snowy days. So you will be expected to drive in the rain to delivery food in time.

-High risk of traffic accidents

The most difficult part of this job may be that you have to hurry up but still you need to drive safely including bad weather days. You need to pay your highest attention to avoid accidents.

-A motorcycle driver's license is required

Though bicycles are also used by some delivery part-time jobs, motorcycle is much more popular. It may take you 2 weeks and 30,000 yen for getting a motorcycle driver's license.

Recommended delivery part-time jobs

Large chain stores, such as Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hat, and McDonald's have their own well-practiced delivery systems and are highly recommended for people who want to find a delivery part-time job.

Delivery services, among which UberEats should be the most popular one, are widely used by medium and small restaurants. UberEats is also recommended as it has a piecework system and no requirements on move tool so that you can deliver on your bicycle or car at any idle hour.