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Which Works For You, Temporary Work Agencies or Hello Work?

Which Works For You, Temporary Work Agencies or Hello Work?

It doesn't matter whether you are a new job seeker or a career changer; finding the right role is not easy. In modern times, there are many means that employers use to post their advertisements. If you need professionals' help in your job search, asking temporary work agencies or Hellowork could be the best way. Because you will get face-to-face advice from a consultant. Discover what a temporary work agency is, what Hello work is, and learn the benefits of using temporary work agencies .

What is a temporary work agency?

A temporary work agency is a company that connect job seekers and companies who need to fill in vacancies. The agencies search for the best suitable candidates based on the job descriptions. When the agency has found a potential candidate, the recruiter screens the CV and the cover letter, and if it suits the job, she or he will contact the candidate for an interview. After the meeting, the client picks up the best potential candidates for their job interview. If it is successful, the candidate will get a job. They are in charge of the entire recruitment process.

Registration is free of charge

It provides a beneficial service for job seekers. First, the registration fee is free of charge. Secondly, after registration, members are allowed to take skill development courses or training. Candidates can improve and update their skills. Thirdly, their system streamlines the lengthy application process, which helps you to find a job easily and quickly.


A temporary work agency pays all the payment to you, regardless of your workplace. For working via an agency, there are two types of working style. One is working as a full-time staff who belongs to an agency and the second is working as a contract staff who usually deal with the interim work.

The agency recruits those who are looking for a full-time position in the temporary work agency. Successful candidates can become a full-time worker and can get a monthly payment and perks, including paid leaves, bonus, and promotion opportunities.

On the other hand, a contract staff is recruited for interim work for a short term project. The temporary work agency pays you. It is usually based on an hourly rate. Some of the perks, such as paid leave, are available. The hourly rate is higher than being hired directly by a company.

Various temporary work agencies

There are many temporary work agencies in Japan. Some agencies are reliable in a particular sector. For example, AAA agency is specialised in sales. If you know an industry or a job you want to work, it would be better to go for agencies that suit your wish. Another thing you should keep in mind is that hourly rate differs. BBB agency recruits a particular role at 1,400 yen per hour, but CCC agency pays 1,500 yen.

What is Hello Work?

Hello Work is an employment service centre run by the Japanese government. There are over 540 offices nationally, which are mainly responsible for providing job search, support and placement. Their support, including consultation, interview training and review of CVs are, free of charge. With an extensive database of job offers available via intranet and over the Internet, large number of job seekers access the Hellowork every day.

Where is Hello Work?

Each prefecture has multiple Hellowork offices. They welcome foreign job seekers with appropriate work visas. Many offices provide service in English and Chinese, and some offices offer other languages as well. Hello work recommends foreigners to learn the Japanese language to help their life in Japan. Lots of volunteer groups or NPOs offer free lessons countrywide. Some offices are specialised in support of foreign residents.Shinjuku Foreigners' employment assistance and Guidance Centre. Nagoya employment service centre for foreigners.Osaka employment service centre for foreigners. Hamamatsu employment service centre for foreigners.

Employment insurance procedure and vocational trainings

Besides the assistance of job application process, Hellowork deals with employment insurance procedures, such as unemployment benefits, employment promotion benefits, education training benefits, and continued employment benefits. To improve employment opportunities, they provide job seekers with information on vocational courses.

Difference between temporary work agencies and Hello Work

Temporary work agencies and Hello Work help job seekers to find a job. Which one works better for you? What is the difference between them?

Hourly rate and salary

Comparing the payment for contract staff employed via Hello Work with those hired by a temporary work agency, a temporary work agency pays more. Their average hourly rate is 1,000 yen-1,300 yen. In Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture, the wage is slightly higher, 1,300 yen-1,500 yen.

Type of job offers

Hello Work introduces a variety of job type and industry, which are full-time jobs, part-time jobs, contract, and others. In contrast, temporary work agencies offer two types of working style, and some focus on a specific area as mentioned before. More job seekers have found the most suitable jobs via temporary work agencies.

Job application process

Temporary work agencies and Hello Work have different job application processes.

Temporary work agencies

  1. Tell a recruiter which job you want to apply for.
  2. The recruiter uses a screening process.
  3. If you are successful, she or he will invite you to the first interview with a client.
  4. The recruiter discusses your application with the client.
  5. The recruiter contacts you about the result.

Hello Work

  1. Tell Hello Work staff which job you want to apply for.
  2. They issue a reference for you.
  3. According to the job application process that a company provides, send the reference and necessary documents to the company.
  4. The company contacts you to arrange an interview.
  5. You have the interview with the recruiter.
  6. If you are successful in the interview, she or he contacts you to tell you about a further step.

Advantages of temporary work agencies for job seekers

There are some advantages of using temporary work agencies .

  • Temporary work agencies are free of charge to sign-up.
  • Temporary work agencies have the best knowledge about the labour market and an excellent connection with various companies. It can give you access to jobs that are not advertised elsewhere, and get you a contact quickly with interesting clients.
  • Specialist sector agencies are a secure connection with a particular sector and advise you on the best way to break into the career.
  • Temporary work agencies play a large part in a job application so that you can actualise a smooth and efficient job hunting.
  • Temporary work agencies follow up on your application. They provide feedback and training and negotiate your work conditions if necessary.

Last remarks

Temporary work agencies and Hellowork have different aspects of an employment service. Which one would you like to use? Feel free to give it a go and find a job!